Welcome! Here you'll find the leading edge of Manuscriptures around the world. Enclosed are four catalogs, each with their own uniqueness.

The Manuscriptures catalog boasts quality, original, signed, hand-made silk-screen prints; while the Comfort and Joy catalog offers similar style prints for a discount price. The Miniscriptures catalog and the Milk and Honey catalog expand the products online by 130+. Be sure to check out these high quality prints as well!

Pictures are now available for all items in each catalog, except for a small handfull. Shopping cart and multiple online purchase available now! You may also order the catalogs for $2.00 to cover shipping.

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The Ten Commandment seven color pint by Jonathan Blocher, featuring the Ten Commandments from the Old Testament, plus the two Great Commandments from the New Testament, for only $10.00.

What people have said:

“Thank you for the magnificent work you do, which is a real ministry.”  -Ruth Bell Graham


“We looked at a lot of Scripture art, but nothing came close to the quality of Manuscriptures. They are beautiful, and honoring to God.”  -Kevin Stern, Dallas Seminary Bookstore


“It’s nice to receive a product whose quality exceeds your expectations. The framing is excellent... It has been a great pleasure to have had this contact with you.”  -George Banister, St. Petersburg, Florida


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Please note!!! Please email ( or call us (410.693.8519) your order first before paying for the product. ALL silk-screen Manuscriptures are now available framed, but not in the frames shown, as those specific kind are no longer available. Only very few Miniscriptures and Milk & Honey line are matted and none are framed, but they are print only available.